Last week we went to the Bronx Zoo with some friends of ours. We had a blast! The kids loved exploring and seeing all the animals, some of which I had never heard of. There was one type of monkey that really caught my eye. It looked like some kind of monkey/porcupine/80's rock star hybrid. I also loved the sea lions. Adorable! Some of the buildings in the zoo were pretty awesome too. They looked so old and unique. One even had elephant and other animal heads carved out of the stone and mounted on the side of the building. Seriously stunning. One of the biggest hits with the kiddos was the bug carousel. Again, unique and awesome. Here are just a few (understatement) of the pictures we too.
 The hybrid monkeys I was talking about. Awesome, right?
See what I mean? Pretty awesome. We rode the carousel at least five times. We plan on visiting the zoo again soon! Thank you, Bronz Zoo. You made for a magical day.