Good news! I have a phone again! Sure, it's a hand-me-down with a cracked screen that doesn't function some of the time (the screen, that is), but it's a phone! It's kind of crazy how many pictures I took with our actual camera instead of instagraming things. I love instagram, but sometimes you need to take out the camera and go. Hopefully I don't get back into the instagram only habit (like I did in the picture above). What are your plans this weekend? We have errands to run, a babyshower to attend and some new recipes to try. Happy weekend, friends!

Here are some of my favorite links for the week, enjoy!

DIY bath bombs!
Making these tonight for date night!
These kind of blow my mind.
I've never loved Roald Dahl more.
Kind of loving messy baby quilts.
Raddest party favor. Ever.
Easy, adorable polka dots.