vote for Elliott!

Yes, tis true. I sold out and entered my child in a "cutest baby" contest. Maybe I'm biased (of course I am!) but I think we have a contender on our hands. Here are some of the results from the photo shoot. It was cold, and overcast, and Elliott had zero tolerance and no desire to cooperate.
 And my favorite...
The "seriously, I'm done" face. And if we were Christmas card people (oh how I wish we were) this one would be what we would send with a note written on the back in permanent marker "Merry and Bright."

If you have a second, head over to the contest and vote for the picture you like best. If it's Elliott's entry (titled An Urban Christmas), great! If not...we still like you. Also, you can vote every 24 take 2 minutes every day and vote! Am I obsessed and highly competitive? You bet.