I really wanted a large-ish chalkboard for Elliott's room but we couldn't figure out how we should do it. As renters, we knew that if we painted a chalkboard on the wall or hung a large chalkboard up on the wall, that our landlord might look down on that. After quite a bit of research I discovered chalkboard contact paper! It got great reviews so I thought we should give it a try, and wouldn't you know it, it works great!

All you need is chalkboard contact paper, scissors and a spot on your wall. It goes on so smooth, people will ask if it is painted on. We made ours 3 ft x 2 ft and it seems to be perfect for the space. I was worried that the contact paper would make the writing/drawing a bit spotty as some chalkboard products can be. But I couldn't be happier with it! And when we move, we can just peel it off with no damage to the walls. Pretty perfect, right?
I also made a little pom pom garland to hang above it. I used this tutorial and strung them on some string (like here). After about 2 minutes, Elliott had grabbed it and killed the poor little pom poms. The next one I make will hang a bit higher on the wall :)