DIY ombre stocking

As promised, here is another DIY stocking. Last week's stocking was mine, but this one is Elliott's. He doesn't know what it is for or the joy it will bring him in 2.5 weeks, but he thinks it's nice.

I won't bore you all with the instructions on how to dye fabric. But to anyone who may not know how to get the ombre effect, all you do is dip the fabric (stocking in this case) into the prepared dye. Then gradually lift your fabric out of the dye giving a few minutes per "layer". Once you've reached the end, you'll have a gradient/ombre/dip-dye stocking! It's very easy and the outcome is simple and subtle, but pretty. If you need more of a reference, check this DIY out. It's pretty much the same thing but with a table cloth :)