This weekend was wonderful! We had a fantastic anniversary and some great family time (i.e. Family Dance Party!) Here is a glimpse into our weekend.
First off...let me just say that the bus system from Hoboken to the city is fantastic. The bus stop is closer to our place than the subway, and dropped us off 1 block from Times Square. Yep! We're bus converts. The subway is still ideal for getting to lower NYC (World Trade Center, NYU, Greenwich Village, etc.) But for getting to the heart of the city, the bus is the way to go! We enjoyed our ride thoroughly. It was nice to not be underground while traveling for once :)
I wanted something new/special/simple to wear for our special day, so I made this and I have to say I love it. 
We had lunch here. We had a few gift cards and thought "eh, why not save some money?" So we did. I like Applebees, but I don't think we will ever be going back while we are living here. You see, NYC Applebees seems to not understand the economic crisis our nation is in and have jacked their prices up by double than any other Applebees location on the planet. Seriously, our appetizer was $20. No joke. It was good eating, don't get me wrong...but yeah. Were it not for the gift cards, we would have dined and dashed.
After lunch, we decided to wander a tiny bit and stumbled upon this guy. He came up to Preston and asked if he could have a picture with a real-life...human. Turns out, Samuel is made of wax. Whoda thunk! 
And like the picture states, we saw a kind-of-awful-but-still-enjoyed-it movie. It was the new Twilight movie and from a film student's and his wife who happens to also be a movie buff's perspective..it was entertaining, but had some serious issues. I mean there were some awfully hoaky parts and the plot...well, it's kind of non-existent. But hey, at least we still enjoyed it.
 Yes, those are roses, sparkling cider and candles. We are a little romantic after all.
To top off a superbly wonderful day, we had some amazing sushi! Doesn't get much better. Hope your weekend was wonderful as well!