all in a thursday afternoon

Elliott has needed a hair cut for a week or two now but being new to the area, I had no idea where to take him. The place we used to take him was FOR kids. It was perfect! When he was finished, they treated him with a balloon. Which, of course was hours of fun! 
So today, while walking the streets of Hoboken, I found this little place that advertised they took walk-ins and children. I thought "Welp, it's better than the mop currently atop his head." So in we went. They escorted us to the back where they, believe it or not, had almost the same exact set up as our beloved place out west! Elliott was a gem and the ladies went gaga over his polite "Thank you, friends!" However, this place did not have balloons. So mama treated him to a mini cupcake at a quaint little shop across from the park. (genius location!)