I wanted to make some fun gift tags for Elliott and his favorite little people for their gifts this year and I came up with these! Aren't they fun? The kids will love them and will have a blast rummaging through the piles of gifts looking for their faces. They are perfect for any age too. I think I might make some for everyone on my gift list this year! Oh, and they are super easy to make. So that's a definite bonus! Here's how you make them.


Find some good front on pictures of your loved ones. I actually had to do a mini photo session with my niece to get a good one! Print them out onto the shrinky dink film and cut them out.


Next, punch a hole toward the top of the heads. Keep in mind the whole will shrink considerably during the baking process so make sure the hole is big enough to be usable.


Now it's time to bake! The directions on my shrinky dink film said to lay the images out on cardboard or parchment paper. I went with cardboard and they turned out perfectly! Just be sure to follow the directions on your packaging and you'll be fine. Bake them at 350 degrees for 2-3 minutes and they should come out all tiny and cute.


Now add some twine and wrap them up! So easy and the kids are really going to love this little touch. Happy gifting!