calm before the storm

It's the day before Hurricane Irene is supposed to arrive in our area and of course it is a beautiful day. The calm before the storm. Even though we are still unpacking (I know, we're so slow!) I really wanted to take Elliott to the park for a while since it will probably be impossible to get out and play for the next few days. Growing up in Florida, we became quite accustomed to preparing for and dealing with hurricanes. But for some reason being up here in Hoboken waiting for Irene to rear her ugly (and rather large) head, I feel a little helpless. We have several places we can go to evacuate if necessary, but I am thinking we might ride it out here. We'll see! 

Anyone who may be affected by the storm, be safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Take care everyone and have a great (safe) weekend!

We had a mandatory evacuation, so we left home but we're safe and doing well. Stay safe everyone!