Guest Post: Annie's Wishlist

Today's guest post is from amazing Annie (at least that's what I like to call her). Annie from Annilygreen, is an incredible crafter, design-lover and just an all around fantastic gal.  Thank you Annie!

People always post wishlists, but I'm kind of an impulse shopper, so things rarely stay wishlisted for long before they're being handed to me by the UPS lady.  Then I apologize profusely to my bank account and try to do better. So here are a few things I've fallen hard for lately.
First, I could not resist these tiny brass earrings from Upper Metal Class (it's that clever shop name that got me).

The best and worst site for me right now is  Have you seen it?  Have you joined yet?  Go sign up!  Their emails are full of gorgeous design and really great deals.  I've been eying this brilliant tissue holder for literally years, so when it showed up on Fab at a steep discount, I was all over that.  I'm saying it's a birthday present from my husband....never too early for a Paper Pot from Molla Space!
This light was the next special that reeled me in.  A Simon Karkov light for 70% off?  Yes!

So there's a bit of my former wishlist.  I will now be going on a spending fast. :)  What have you been buying?