a perfect day for a picnic

About 3.5 years ago, Preston took me on a picnic to this beautiful semi-secluded waterfall...wouldn't ya know it, that's when he proposed! For Father's day, Preston really wanted to "re-create" the scene, in that he wanted to drive up there and have a picnic, not all the mushy gushy stuff :) We had planned to go on Father's day, but got rained out, so we went today! In the valley (where we live) it was 90 degrees when we left, so we thought it might be 80 or so up at the falls. Wrong! It was about 65, and there was still snow (quite a bit) on the ground in places. Needless to say, we did not go swimming, but it was still warm enough to get a little sun and splash our feet a bit. Elliott was pretty captivated by the waterfall. He kept asking to go swimming and called the water a "fun bath!"

The actual spot where Preston proposed was not as easily accessible due to the flooding and torn down trees (from the flooding!) But Preston was determined to stand on that same spot...
...and that he did! We had such a great time and loved re-visiting such a special spot for us.

p.s. The picture of food was a kiwi-strawberry + mint salad. (The recipe is exactly like the title) It was delicious!