improv egg party

It's been over a week since Easter, but some of you may still have some left over eggs. If you have too many, here's one of my favorite ways to get rid of them. Make deviled eggs as well as some other  snacks and have some friends over for a little improv par-tay! It'll get rid of your eggs before they go bad + give you an excuse to have a little celebration. "Happy...Wednesday!"

You can buy all of the above here:
{glitter banner}
{egg caddy}

OR, if you are a DIY-er, all three of these are pretty easy to make:

1. Egg caddy - buy plain white egg caddy here. Get some enamel paint, paint, bake (according to paint instructions) and you have a custom egg caddy!

2. Glitter Banner - Ez did a great DIY for this here.

3. Confetti Garland - Get various sized circle paper punchers from craft store, some colorful paper, and simply run them through your sewing machine. Seriously so easy and amazingly satisfying :)

Happy partying/creating friends!