the perfect horse shirt

So, Elliott loves horses. I mean, it's crazy how excited/obsessed he gets about them. I've wanted to get him a simple horse shirt (not cutesy - but realistic.) for a while now. So after searching and searching I finally realized something. Thanks to Liz, I decided I had to make it! I had heard about freezer paper shirts before, but never tried it. Until now. I found a great horse silhouette, printed it out, cut the image out with an exact-o knife, painted and BAM! The perfect horse shirt. He loves it!

 An attempt to point and say "horsey!"
See? SO excited!
Why, yes. I am an exact-o knife expert to have done the detailing of this horse. Thank you for noticing! I made 3 more as Easter presents for Elliott and his two cousins. Here is where I copied Liz. Straight up.
I love the metallic paint! Freezer paper has opened up a whole new world of crafts for me. I promise the blog won't become "look what I made today with freezer paper!" Have you tried this? I'd love to see what you came up with!