have a fun weekend

Photograph by: Mads Teglers

Friends, what are you up to this weekend? We will be hanging with some friends, going to a fiesta, watching Friday Night Lights (yay!) and making a visit to the park. I'm also hoping to fit some sushi in there somewhere. Whatever your plans, I hope you have a fun weekend!

As promised, my links for the week are plentiful. Until Monday, friends!

{A lot of people have said this, but I don't see it.}
{Definitely doing this at my next baby shower (no, I'm not pregnant)}
{A sale on some extreme cuteness}
{Reason to go back to San Francisco}
{Loving all of these}
{Looking too good.}
{I tried this for valentines day, but these are just too cute!}
{Coffee made sweeter}
{Adorable + perfect for summer}
{Sweet, sweet lemons}
{50 ways to cope with stress}
{For the little guy, blue or red?}