easy. comfy. style.

Do you have days where you have absolutely no time to think about let alone plan what to wear? Join the club! Here are some (hopefully) helpful suggestions to help not only look good, but make it a little easier and comfortable too.

1. Well fitting, so comfy you can barely feel you're wearing them, pants:
Pants that fit this criteria are very easy to move in (for you mom's out there) and tend to give the wearer a feeling of "I look good" confidence.

2. Comfortable, light, easy to wash blazer/jacket:
No matter if you're wearing an old band t-shirt or a button up gingham, this blazer helps give a finished look. Something in a knit (cotton, etc.) that breathes and is easily thrown in the washer is ideal!

3. Embrace color:
Whether it be on your feet or your jewelry, color makes the outfit fun while also adding a touch that makes people think you definitely know what you're doing and you know what you like, which lets face it. When it comes down to it, looking stylish is all a matter of personal opinion :)

4. Accessorize:
Any accessories make an outfit look thought out and finalized. A scarf, a hat, a belt. Have fun with it!

And that's my 2 cents! If you have anything you would add, or any other comments, I'd love to hear!

p.s. All examples (pictures) are from J Crew.