I am finally sharing a few pictures from Elliott's 2nd birthday party which was a month ago. I had an absolute blast making everything for the party. Preston of course did the truly amazing decorations (the portraits of some characters + the fish on the jars) So here are some of the details:
The food table was probably my favorite part. I loved making the seuss trees which were pretty easy. Some dollar store foam board, a couple of crayons, an exacto knife and some half-fluffed pom poms. Really, they were that easy!  All of the food was very simple but delicious. Can you see the little Lorax up on top of the middle tree?
I stole this idea from Caroline. Very simple diy water-bottle labels. Design, print, cut and tape! Double-sided tape worked perfectly!
These were incredible! Didn't Preston do an amazing job? I could never free hand paint imitation Dr. Seuss. Not if my life depended on it. We filled them with water and fresh raspberries and they were reserved for only special guests. (kids)
Some Sneetch star sandwiches? Yes, I'll take one! They were chicken pesto on squaw bread. (mmm)
It's an awful picture, I know. But the puppet theater was a huge hit! We didn't have time to really make puppets, so we printed out pictures on card-stock and used double-sided tape to attach them to some dowel rods. The kids loved it! And I actually used Seuss fabric to make it.
The "party favor" table with the stupendous portraits. We kept these guys and they are currently hanging in Elliott's room. I really wanted big, round balloons but just couldn't bring myself to buy the big weather balloons at $15+ a pop. So, I improvised with blow up punch balls from the dollar store and a small helium tank. And the party favors consisted of most things Seuss. Stickers, pencils, badges, a small book and a punch ball.
I also made some Thing 1 + Thing 2 shirts for father and son using iron on transfers. The Seuss cake I spent hours making didn't work out exactly as planned. While it achieved the lopsided, Dr. Seuss effect I was going for, it ended up too lopsided and was practically fallen over completely by the time guests arrived. Sorry I didn't get any pictures, but imagine the cake that the cat in the hat is balancing in the book. It looked very similar to that. We still ate it along with the cupcakes I had Preston run to the store last minute for. It was all surprisingly good!

I really enjoyed planning and executing the party. And as you can imagine, my mind is already working on a few fun ideas for next year. Yes, I am crazy.