have a magical weekend

{photograph via wink}

Friends, what are you up to this weekend? Preston, Elliott & I are heading to a party tonight, then its off to visit with family for the week. Aren't you getting so excited for Christmas? I can't beleive it's almost here! Hopefully we can squeeze in some fun festivities before its all over! Have a great weekend friends, I hope it's magical!

And here are the links for the week, enjoy!

{a new favorite daily read - Conundrum}

{inspired by this simple birthday party for a little man!}

{some great diy wreath ideas}

{if I lived in Arizona, I'd be here tomorrow}

{want one of these for our home}

{a bunny has never been so cute}

{a lovely vintage shop - via oh, hello friend}

 {Sufjan Stevens Holiday station on Pandora - thanks Melissa!}

{my favorite Christmas cards I've seen this year, gorgeous!}