DIY halloween finger pens

Today we have a DIY from yours truly! I made these for an upcoming Halloween party and thought I should share. They make for a great gift, party favor or just a fun craft with the kids.
  What you need:
- Crayola Air-Dry Clay
- pens (not clickers, but removable caped kind)
- black nail polish
- artificial nails
- strong glue
1. Paint the fake nails with the black polish and let dry.
2. Cover the pens (with out caps) with the crayola clay. Shape them to your liking. Be sure to leave enough room at the tip for the pen to still function. Cover them a little thick to prevent cracking. I went the "dead man's finger" route but add a few warts and some green to the mix and bam! You have a witch's finger!
3. Add (now dry) finger nail. Make sure it is secure in the clay so when it dries it will stay put.
4. Glue nails down to make sure they stay.
5. Let them dry! Usually takes 1-2 days for them to be completely dry/hard.
6. Enjoy!