And we're back! I hope you all had an awesome holiday season! We are a little sad to see the holidays go, but we are excited and ready to take on the new year. Have you started in on your resolutions yet? I've been going over my list of goals and resolutions and wanted to share a few here with you. So here it goes:

Make more time for me. Now I know so many people put this as a resolution while the rest of the world rolls their eyes. More time for yourself? Come on. But my resolution is more about creating more time to do the things that will help me and my career. I am a contributor and ghost writer for various sites and bloggers in addition to blogging here, and sometimes it feels like AWP get's the cold shoulder. While we depend on my income as a family, and I can't quit my writing jobs (nor do I want to) I need to make my "me" time a little more productive. After all, coming up with fun DIYs for your kids to enjoy is definitely one of my favorite things to do!

Read more books. You probably wouldn't know this about me, but I love books. I studied English at college with an emphasis in children's literature (imagine that!) and I used to read about one book per month. My goal is to get a new book and read it for at least 30 minutes before bed every night. Instead of staying up super late watching a Netflix marathon with Preston. Which we may or may not do often.

Learn more about photography. This past year has been the year of illustrator for me. I am by no means an expert, but I learned enough to be able to bring to life various projects I have been wanting to do as well as start AWP. This year I want to focus more on the photography aspect including lighting, editing, especially lightroom. Anyone have any tips using it?

Write a book. So now that you know I studied Children's lit in college, you should also know that it is my dream - in addition to blogging - to be a children's author! Preston and I both have this goal and we both have story ideas we are working on, or need to work on, and we want this year to be our year!

Go on walks. This one is pretty self-explanatory. I want to go on more walks as a family or even on my own. We live in such a rad neighborhood and I feel like we rarely take the time to explore it. 

Plan and follow through. I am a pretty good planner in general (I would be no where without my planner!) but sometimes I procrastinate and the lack of planning of projects, meals, etc. means I am an overwhelmed mess. So my goal is to not only plan and write it down, but to follow through. 

Wish me luck! We'll be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled DIY goodness.