Awesome learning and drawing app for kids
Awesome app for kids
Great app for kids

I love finding apps that are fun, educational and well designed. It's so rare! Drawnimal meets the requirements. It teaches the alphabet with some pretty adorable animals that prompt you to draw around the phone to complete the design. Genius, right? We love it! It's really easy to use and a lot of fun. And if you don't feel like using up an entire stack of paper, you could laminate a piece of paper and let them use that with some washable dry erase markers. They can draw again and again and your printer will still have paper. The illustrations are so cute. After they draw what is prompted, they can click on the play button for a little animated surprise. It's pretty fun stuff. I hope they continue to come out with more animals for the letters to give a little variety so the kids will keep going through the alphabet again and again. Just a thought! If you don't have it already, we really recommend it. Your kids will love it! It really comes in handy at any moment you need to keep the kiddos occupied. Which we all know is often. 

Awesome app for kids
Fun learning and drawing app for kids