When bObsweep reached out about their bObi Pet, we jumped right on board. Who could say no to a robot that cleans your floors? Definitely not us. It's like having your own Rosie from the Jetsons! Except with out the sass. At first glance, it looked pretty awesome and the idea that it is designed to handle pet hair, well that was super appealing to us. Not because we have a pet, but because since having Pepper, I have been shedding more than a golden retriever. Post-partum mamas, can I get an amen? After we got our new bObi Pet and set it up, I was blown away with what it can do. Not only does it vacuum, but it also has a mop attachment. That’s right. It can mop. Your. Floors.

In our new house we have quite a few stairs as well as a step down into the dining room. I was worried that it would topple over the edge, but wouldn’t ya know it, this thing is SMART. It detects those edges and steers clear, so I don’t have to worry. My favorite thing about this little guy is probably the remote control. You can just turn it on and hit “go” and it will clean completely on its own, navigating in each room. It’s really amazing. And if you want to make it fun for your kiddos, the remote can control it like a toy (though it is NOT a toy – it is a piece of magical genius) Elliott loves making it go here and there cleaning up little messes – like confetti.

bObsweep reached out to us and provided this magical piece of machinery, but these opinions are totally my own and it take everything I have not to keep on raving about it. Seriously, magical.