We love HP

Remember this post about Intel 2in1 and their wonderful HP Envy X2? Well, turns out, it's great for more than just helping to keep me organized. I do my best to keep Elliott entertained while he's out of school with trips to the pool, playdates, crafts, etc. but to be totally honest, he just has to have "screen time" for me to get any work done. So, we put some educational games and videos on our new device and while he plays and stays entertained, I can get some things done! We have taken it with us on a trip and used it as a tablet. We have another similar device from another company and thought it's very similar, this one feels sturdier and the speakers are so much better. Light years better. Also the screen is a bit bigger so of course that's a bonus! Though we try to limit screen time, the HP Envy X2 has made that time a little sweeter.

We love Intel

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