I spoke with Martha

OK, so not exactly. Alt in just a few short days and I am speaking! I have a ton to prepare including a slideshow presentation (no pie charts, I promise!) and of course, my business cards. If you know about Alt, you know that being asked to speak is a dream come true. Alt is like summer camp for bloggers and it's really amazing. It's a few days packed full of great speakers, amazing sponsors and parties. Speaking of speakers (besides me) the two keynote speakers are Joy from Oh Joy! and Martha. As in Stewart. So yeah. I will definitely be adding to my memoirs "I spoke with Martha". Just let me have it. Alt is in January, but this year they decided to add another even in June which I think is awesome because I love Utah in the summer. It's my favorite season, hands down. I can already tell this event is going to be incredible and I am so excited to speak on being a contributor. You know those posts I put up here that link to other sites for all of the DIY details? Yeah those. Those are how I make my bread and butter and so I will be talking a little on that. Along with three other amazing blogger gals. If you are going, please say hi! If not, I am sure you will bore of reading about it on every social media outlet in existence. And you should totally come next time. On that note! I'll be back on Monday with another fun project I have been itching to share and then I'll be off for a few days of nerve-racking fun. I hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful, awesome, fantastic Father's Day!