Toddler Gift Guide.jpg

It’s gift guide time! Toddlers are probably my favorite to shop for. Everything is so fun and cute! This roundup is pretty gender neutral and I love it all! It’s also pretty practical, because what is more fun than a practical gift. Happy shopping!

1. This adorable book and really needed, don’t you think? 2. I love these little feminist books for Pepper! 3. Triangle crayons! I had completely forgotten about triangle crayons! They are perfect for little hands and bonus, they don’t roll away! 4. The softest and cutest plush toy for kids of any age! I especially love these because each design has a different message for your little ones. 5. We have this balloon animal night light and it is the best! You just squeeze the leg to turn it on and it is on a timer so it will automatically turn off! 6. These rainbow Vans are the cutest little shoes I have ever seen. I actually have these for myself and love them. I would die to get some for my littles! 7. These magnaformers are heaven sent. They keep little hands busy and happy for a long time, perfect for outings where you would prefer your kids aren’t screaming, running, you get the idea. 8. We love all of the clothes from Whistle + Flute, this mac & cheese shirt would be adorable paired with paints or a skirt and so comfortable too!