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My boy is officially five years old and I have some serious mixed feelings about it. Part of me wanted to leap for joy for him while the other part sobbed into a pillow. How on earth is he five? I still can't believe it. To celebrate our little man we had a party and a picnic. He wanted a space themed birthday party and luckily the place we wanted to have the party has a space themed party room. It was meant to be. The kids got to play till their little hearts could take no more, then we moved into the party room for cupcakes and gifts. I normally would throw the party at our house, but this was a nice change of pace. It was so much easier than worrying about cleaning, decorating, preparing food, etc. Not to mention our place is pretty small so parties feel a bit like sardines in a can. On Sunday - his actual birthday - his only request was to have a picnic in the living room. Done! It was so easy and a lot of fun. He loved every minute of it. Here are a few pictures from his birthday weekend.

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You love that crazy hair, don't you? He did too.

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Happy birthday, Elliott! We are so happy to call you ours.