Easter egg dominoes printable
Printable egg dominoes
Egg domino printable

Who doesn't love dominoes? How about some Easter egg dominoes? Yes, please! My goal is to have these be substitutes in some of the plastic, normally filled with pure sugar, eggs for his Easter basket. Let's see if I can resist playing dominoes with him until then! For anyone who doesn't know how to play dominoes, you just turn them all over so you can't see the numbers, then one by one pick an egg and turn it over adding on and matching the numbers up. At least that's how I have always played. It's a great game to play with little ones who are learning to count and recognize numbers. You can download the dominoes right here. We watercolored the backside of the page and let it dry before cutting out the eggs just to make things a little more fun when they are turned over. You can let your little ones paint, color, add tape, or anything else fun you can think of. 

Printable egg dominoes for kids