Ok, so I know it's kind of picture overload. But it was that great of a day. It had to be well documented! This isn't even half of the pictures. Ha! We had been to Hogle Zoo a few years ago, but we loved it so much more this time. It might be because Elliott is older. Or maybe I was just in a better mood. Who knows! We went to a few shows which were really amusing. Elliott was so inquisitive, running from exhibit to exhibit asking questions, pointing out the animals and some of the quirky things about them. It was so much fun. During the bird show, they had a dance contest with all of the kids down on the "stage" and of course, my little dancer won a prize. That kid has got some mad skills in the rhythm department. Makes a mama proud! The zoo also had this fun exhibit all over the zoo of life sized animals made completely out of legos. It was awesome! The monkeys were my favorite, but came in close with the polar bear. But the best part of my day (besides the dance contest) was the painting elephant. Yes, painting elephant! They actually sell the paintings at the gift store and we were so tempted to splurge on one. I told Preston that I need one for our anniversary. The zoo also added a little splash park for the kids which had little faux tide pools for the kids to explore complete with urchins and starfish. It was pretty rad. Elliott loved their lighthouse slide too! We had initially planned on being at the zoo for a few hours, leaving at lunch. Turns out we stayed for nearly nine hours! So yeah, it was a lot of fun. 

And now for more on the dancing cockatoo. Remember that? Well, here is the proof! It's one of the funniest things I think I have ever seen. And here I thought Elliott had rhythm! Watch the video and at about 40 seconds in, you'll see it. It's hard to miss. It also shows Elliott winning his prize! Atta boy!