My good friend Annie had her very first art show last week and we were all so excited to go and support her. Not to mention we adore her art. Annie has such a refreshing and different style that I am constantly envious of. I have wanted one of her comma paintings for a while and was so happy to be able to finally buy one at her show. Isn't it rad? You can't see it, but there is gold leafing along the edges. Perfection! It was hard not to buy some cropped paintings too. Don't these look like an exhibit you might see at the MOMA? Elliott even liked the paintings. Though, he thought that an art show was going to be like a dance recital and that we were going to be able to watch Annie paint something. Sorry little man. He was stoked to spend some time with his gal pal and eat as many cookies as he could carry. It was a great family outing. If you are interested in seeing more of Annie's work, you can head over here and check it out! Keep checking back too. You never know when she will be adding new pieces!