The good people of RedEnvelope offered us a gift for Preston for Father's day and I immediately chose the crosley record player. Our family loves music and a record player seemed like the perfect gift for him. I purchased a few records I knew he would love and hooked up the player in literally a minute. So simple! We absolutely love it. It is compact enough for our apartment, has great sound and the fact that we can transfer our records to digital files is a huge plus. I'm a very practical gal, and the thought of buying a record and not being able to hear it in the car etc. just wasn't happening. This is the perfect option for us. The warm sound with vinyl is just the same as ever. We even found a record single of our song at a thrift store. So romantic! If you are in the market for a record player this is a fantastic option. And of course, Elliott loves dancing around like a ballerina to the music.
And now, for a super short but fun video. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't taken it using vine. Ah well!

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