Have you heard of Mineral + Matter? It's run by a friend of mine, Stacey and it's awesome. A little while ago, Stacey let me come by and take a few pictures. I was in awe! It's a beautifully put together handmade mobile boutique. It's seriously hard for me not to buy everything! Stacey has things from dozens of different handmade shops and it all goes so well together. From beautiful glass decor to baby leggings and kids toys, they have it! And not only is the shop awesome on the inside, would you look at how rad the outside is? Amazing. If you're in the Salt Lake City area, look Mineral + Matter up on their various sites and social media outlets and check out where they will be. Be sure to check out Mineral + Matter on Instagram, Stacey does some pretty rad giveaways. At the moment, my cement jewelry is in the shop too! So double incentive, right?