This morning I sat down at my desk to start in on some work and I saw this. And honestly, I have no idea if it was the man or the boy, but someone has a sense of humor in this house. This weekend is going to be filled to the brim with fun. We had a dinner tonight with some new friends that we are just getting to know. Earlier today, Elliott (while he was supposed to be taking a rest) snuck out of his room and into the kitchen and ate seven of the dozen donuts Preston bought this morning. Seven! So back to dinner. Elliott got sick, all over these poor people's kitchen. All over me, and well, you get the idea. No more donuts for that boy. Not till he's old enough to clean up his own sick anyway. Tomorrow we have a lot of fun family fun planned including my nephews birthday party for which he requested a piñata of jupiter. So you know I had to make one! More on that next week. We have a few other things in the works, but basically, it is another fun packed weekend. Hope yours is equally as fun! Till Monday!