Speaking of happy, these straws sure make me happy. The colors are of course, amazing. But the straws themselves are great. I'm a bit of a straw snob and that is 100% my mom's doing. If it weren't for her I would probably drink a triple thick milkshake from one of those ridiculously tiny straws you get for hot beverages. So mom, thank you. But anyway. This weekend we have a long "to do" list. But we also have dinner with friends and some amazing weather to enjoy. I swear I never talked about the weather so much when I lived in Florida. The snow has made me bitter and wimpy when it comes to the weather. I have quite a few DIYs up my sleeve for some upcoming holidays and just because. So I will be working on those quite a bit this weekend. Now, we're off to drink a triple thick milkshake with one of these glorious straws. Happy weekend!