Keeping on with the downloads lately (it's amazing how owning a printer can change your projects) I decided to make a few printable treat bags for Easter. Fill them with candy, popcorn, pretzels or carrots (bunny food) and use them as basket fillers or party favors, or what have you. You may recognize this little guy. I felt it a shame not to use him again. My bags were 4.75 inches x 6.2 inches so when I printed them out I adjusted the document size accordingly. So you will need to do the same depending on the size of bags you decide to print out. Also, keep in mind that the bag will feed into printers differently. I had to feed my bags in the open side first and it worked out fine for me, but some printers can be fickle. You may need to flip the images to be able to print them out with the closed end of the bag first. Make sense? Good!
Here are the downloads! Enjoy!