The last few days have been great. We spent a lot of time playing and reading. It was Dr. Seuss' birthday, so we read just about every seuss book we have as well as watched a few seuss movies. Elliott made the most amazing train track. I thought that it must have been Preston who made it, but he says it was all Elliott. I think we have a future architect on our hands. We also did some painting for an upcoming project I am excited to share with you. Elliott was able to help on this one and he loved it! Also, Elliott finally got a hair cut! Just look at that handsome boy.

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This weekend I had a hankering for some key lime pie. Being from Florida, this was something that was easy to come by, but my favorite key lime pie probably ever was from Publix. If you are from the south or have visited, you probably know what I'm talking about. Publix has the best..everything. If you are near a Publix, please find it in your heart to go, buy a key lime pie, and send it to me. I'll love you forever.