And now, the oscars party recap! Our guests blew us away this year with their creative and thoughtful desserts. We had asked them to bring a dessert related in some way to one of the films up for best picture. Here is what they came up with! Aubry made two desserts. One was a fantastic banana pudding for the bananas lost in The Life of Pi, and she made the most incredible blood orange bars for all the blood in Django Unchained. So rad! Annie and Simon made some spicy brownies were bipolar brownies for Silverlinings Playbook. Hilarious! Deanna and Chad made a chocolate covered pretzel log cabin for Lincoln. And the roof was made from my personal favorite, white chocolate covered bacon. Amazing, right? Katie made Nutella croissants (need I say more?) for the french films nominated this year and we made pasta carbonara for dinner. Needless to say, we were all stuffed and happy watching the oscars this year! Brittany was so kind to let us have her amazing oscars nominee pins she made as a DIY on her blog (check them out, they are seriously amazing.) and for the food table decorations, I made a little red carpet covered with gold glittery confetti. Simple and to the point. We also filled out ballots with our guesses for who would win and I believe Aubry was the winner! Our oscars parties are always my favorite party of the year. We girls loved talking about the dresses and hairstyles and we all enjoyed the awards and the host's jokes and songs. The party also doubled as my birthday party which I think we might do every year since the awards are always around my birthday. I have the best friends. They brought me wonderful gifts and hugs. It made me feel pretty special. Thank you to all of our guests, you guys seriously made this party a success! 

P.S. The recipe for the pasta carbonara was not my own! Though I did tweak it a little. The recipe can be found here, for anyone who is interested!