I'm determined to make 2013 a year of planning and making. Not just for work or for my blog, but in most areas of my life. There are some areas of my life that I have put on the back burner and there are some things I have been working on and want to make even better. To be more specific, I haven't read a book in almost a year. For someone who majored in English and specialized in creative writing, that's pathetic. I also want to stretch myself creatively. I tend to stick to projects that I know will work out. I'm a safe crafter you might say. But no more! Wish me luck on that. There are a few other things I will be working on as well that will be more of a surprise - you're intrigued aren't you? I'm in the middle of making a few new items for the shop, and am in the trial and error stage at the moment. Keep your fingers crossed it works! I am very excited for what this year will bring us and what we will make of it. I'm starting with this weekend! Starting with planning to go and get my eyes checked ( I haven't had a check up in 4 years!) and getting some new glasses. Let's hope my eye-site isn't getting too bad! Have a great weekend. I hope your year is off to a fantastic start!