I never seem to have a trivet when I need one. They are so useful but in my opinion, not so easy to find ones that I love. I know, I know. Who needs to love their trivet? Me. I do! Here is a super simple and totally customizable way to make your own trivets. You could make them into pretty much any shape you want! I just went with the hexagon because, well..I think it's obvious my love for them.

Here is what you'll need:
Cork tiles
Exacto knife
Paper (optional)

First, measure and draw your design on the cork. If you're not so confident in your measuring/drawing skills (like me!) you can make a stencil using a separate piece of paper and then trace that onto the cork. 
Using a ruler and an exacto knife, cut along the lines. I cut on the inside of each line to get rid of that pesky pen mark. When you are cutting, cut gently! Go over the line several times with the blade to get a cleaner cut. If you press to hard and try to get it in one cut, you could end up with a crumbly trivet. And no one likes a crumbly trivet! 
That's it! Enjoy your super cool and super easy trivets.

P.S. You can find my tutorial on the salt and pepper shakers here.