Remember these surprise balls? Well I thought it was about time for some more. But mini! I made a few of these mini jack-o-lantern surprise balls and loved the outcome. They are just so tiny and easy. Two of my favorite things! 
You'll need some crepe paper folds, tape, scissors and trinkets/toys. I didn't end up using the poppers. They made the ball a little too big for my taste. Follow these same directions, and you can have your own little surprise pumpkins in no time.
Before you add the last layer of orange crepe paper, cut a small piece of the green and twist it up. Tape it to the pumpkin top to create the stem and continue to cover with the orange paper to cover up the tape and base of the stem.
Then cut a little bit of black crepe or regular paper to make the face. Glue them on and you're done!