All last week I was waiting to share these with you because up until Saturday I thought that yesterday was Earth Day. Oops. Even though I made them for Earth Day they are totally useable for any spring or summer party. And the contact paper comes off pretty easily so you can use them plain again later. But of course, I love them because they are in no way perfect, they're a lot of fun and they are super easy to make.
Here is what you'll need:
Mason jars or any glass used for drinking
Green contact paper
You can use the pen and ruler to mark exactly where you would like to cut, or you can use the graph on the back of the contact paper to guide your way. Then cut your strip of contact paper into zigzags (grass). You could do any pattern of course. Animal shapes, letters and numbers or scallops.
Make sure the length of grass reaches all the way around the glass too. Don't want it being too short! Then just peel the backing off the contact paper, and carefully place the grass onto your glass.
And that's it! I used the same mason jars with the punched lids from Elliott's birthday. But you could use pretty much any type of glass. They made for a fun Earth Day breakfast!