I love these mirrors! I seriously have made a dozen of them. I just can't stop! The watercolor effect is so pretty and can be as subtle or bold as you would like. Ready to make some? Here we go!
What you'll need:
Glass Stain
Small Mirrors - mine are 2 inch mirrors.
Dropper - mine is from an old bottle of medicine.
Paper Towel  
 Drop a little of the glass stain color combo you choose.
Use the dropper and add a few drops of water. Just enough to make the colors a little runny. You can use the tip of the dropper to swirl the colors around to get the effect you want. I even picked up the mirror and let some of the color drip onto the paper towel to thin it out even more. Once your have the color combo how you like it, let it dry completely and you're done!
Enjoy your pretty new mirrors!