adios, 2011

It's been a swell year, hasn't it? Kind of a whirlwind...but in a good way. 2011 was a year with a lot of changes, some scares and a whole lot of gratitude. We're hoping that 2012 will be a year of new ventures and success. At least that's what we're hoping the overall theme will be. Here is 2011 in a nut shell (a post):
We found out we were moving to the NYC area.
We opened the new shop and made the perfect horsey shirt which was soon after destroyed.
 Preston started at NYU, we went on a trip to Salem and we took on Times Square.
Elliott colored the town (our block), had a horse of a Halloween, announced the first Holiday Gift Swap and made these golden buddies.
Some DIY fringey balloons made a striped notebook, and Preston and I celebrated our anniversary.
Made some stockings and other things, Preston turned 29, and we had a fantastic small Christmas.

Good luck in 2012 friends. Hope it's a great one!