heels vs flats - a fancy shoe dilemma

One of the best ways to get fancied up for the holidays is by dressing up your feet with beautiful, fancy shoes. I myself prefer ballet flats. But there are always so many great shoes and embellishment options out there and this year is no exception! But friends, I have a confession to make. I don't own a single pair of heels. Flats galore, yes. But no heels. I can never find a pair that is as comfortable as so many women out there claim their heels are. “It’s like I’m not even wearing shoes!” they say. “Jennifer Garner can flat out run in them.” they inform me. Perhaps I am going to the wrong places to buy shoes. Or perhaps my feet are just not designed for pretty pumps. They are on the larger side as far as feet go..and don’t get me wrong, I have tried. Believe you me I have tried. I have gone to stores with the sole (pun intended) purpose of giving heels another shot. I have tried them on, and even bought heels trying to convince myself I would “break them in” and often flat out lying to myself  “you’ll learn to love them.” I have even given myself the completely unrealistic goal of “you shall be as Jennifer Gardner and run in these semi-stilettos.” But after purchasing, they sit in my closet for months without a single wear apart from the two valiant attempts to wear them around the apartment. Eventually they end up being donated or sold at a yard sale. And I hope they have brought someone great joy and make their legs look spectacular. I suppose I care too much about my feet to put them through agony. And purposeful agony no less! Heels are no doubt the dressy go-to shoe, especially during the holidays. But is it possible for flats to look just as fancy as heels? I am going to say yes. Flats, while perhaps not as leg flattering, can be just as fancy as their sister the heel. What do you think friends? Which is fancier, heels? Flats? Both? Neither?