happy birthday, preston!

So, today is Preston's birthday. He's 29 and doesn't like to think about that. Since his birthday fell on a school day (bummer!) I had to limit what we could do...so here's what we did!
Preston's highschool buddy just happened to be in town and he just so happened to bring his accordion. It was a grand ole' time.
 Then we all packed it up and went to the Muppets! Can you tell he was excited?
And of course, there was cake! Cheese cake that is. It was sufficiently spat on during Elliott's attempt at blowing out the single candle. Might need to practice a little before his birthday comes around.

Then we went back to the accordion and played and danced to our heart's content! Here's the proof:
Happy Brithday, Preston! I love you like the day is long!