A few weeks ago I realized that this being our first Christmas by ourselves, we would need some Christmas things around this place. We got the tree and love it, but we needed some other things. Like stockings! I found some plain white stockings for pretty cheap and decided to decorate our own. The first one I'm sharing is my stocking. Of course I went with gold and geometric patterns. I know, I'm so predictable. I'll share the other two soon, but for now, here's how I made mine...
You'll need:
- Freezer paper
- White stocking
- Fabric paint (in this case, gold glitter)
- Foam brush
- Exacto knife
- Iron
- Ruler
Take a piece of freezer paper and use the ruler and pencil to make squares - a grid.
 Cut your triangles! In whatever pattern you'd like.
Place the delicate (some triangles were lost and harmed in the making of this stocking) stencil on the stocking and iron on. Carefully!
 Paint, coat by coat and let dry.
Viola! You've got yourself a custom, perfectly golden and geometric stocking. Merry and bright people, merry and bright!