DIY fringey balloons

Once again, here's another "this is so can you call it a DIY?" tutorial. That's just how we roll around here. Here we go!
Here is what you'll need. I bought my balloons here and my crepe paper here. The crepe paper that comes in folds works beautifully. The other kinds...not so much.
I got the instructions for the fringe from Jordan. You can see the full, beautiful fringe crepe paper instructions  here. Cut off a 3 inch (or so) piece off the end of the folded crepe paper.
 Mess it up a bit and you have fringe! Now, to attach it to your balloon...
Wrap the end of the fringe around the end of the balloon. Then tie your string around the fringe and the end of the balloon, pulling tightly and knotting. Don't want that pretty fringe to fall off!
 And we're ready to party!