our times in the square

Saturday we took on the big apple. We started out with the highly recommended Shake Shack and gave it our official stamp of approval.  Seriously good stuff. And of course, Elliott stole the hearts of more than a few Shake Shack ladies and scored himself not one but two samples of frozen custard. 
With full tummies, we started walking and ended up in Times Square. Yep, we did it. On a Saturday night no less. 
We stumbled upon the "Meeting Bowls" - what seem to be NYC's version of the tea cups at Disney World. But instead of the spinning there is rocking. We didn't try them out as there was a long line, but they might be worth making the trip again. Maybe.
Elliott made pals with this lady from CHICAGO (the play - not the city) They looked at the flashing billboards, she sang to him, and did some high-kicks. She was rather sweet. She gave Elliott a brocher for the play followed by "oh... well, you're too young huh?" Ya think?

Then we did the unthinkable. Seriously, I don't know what we were thinking. We went into Toys"R"Us in Times Square:
Schleich heaven!
In awe and terrified by...
This guy! Although, in Elliott's defense, he probably wouldn't have been so frightened had not a certain fatherly figure convinced him that the dinosaur was going to "get him". Nice.
 Our Lego Lady Liberty
Preston was in awe himself over the lego structures. I have to admit, that Jack Sparrow was pretty cool. We also played with the train tracks, watched the indoor ferris wheel go round and round and wonder how anyone would wait in an hour long line, and pay $4.50 per person to ride it. Then we left. It was a horrific and traumatic experience not just for Elliott but all of the spectators wondering "what are those people doing to that child!?"

That was our weekend. How was yours?