DIY watercolor lamp shade

After a long search for the perfect (and affordable) lamp shade for my gorgeous new lamp, I decided I should make one! Since I am enamored with the whole watercolor trend, I thought that would be the perfect look to go with for my new shade. It was ridiculously easy. Brace yourself!
 What you'll need:
  - Lamp shade (white or other pale color)
  - Tie dye kit(s) the more color options the better!
  - Wax paper
  - Tape
  - Paint brush
According to the tie dye instructions, prep the dye. It is a huge help to write the colors with permanent marker on the bottles. Some of the colors look identical and it'd be a shame to put on green when you were hoping for purple!
Using the wax paper and tape, prepare the space by placing the wax paper on the table to protect it. Also, lightly wipe down your lamp shade to make sure it's dust/spot free and ready for dying! 
Paint your shade! You could use different techniques (i.e. spray bottles, sponge brushes, etc.) to get different effects. I wanted the "watercolor" look so I stuck with the paint brushes. 

When you are thrilled with how your shade looks, stop! Let it dry, and place it on your lovely lamp.
And that's it! This was such a fun project and the end result was perfect for my beautiful new lamp.