New to the Shop - Gold Dipped Triangle Earrings

I just made a TON of these for Alt Summit. So if you're going to Alt, try and get a goodie bag with these pretty ladies in them! If you're not going to Alt, they are now in the shop too and there are more color combos (excited!) coming soon!

P.S. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be attending Alt this year. Just couldn't swing I am sending my earrings instead :)

christmas sale!

I am so very excited about Christmas this year! To kick off the holiday season, I am having for a limited time, 30% off everything in my shop! You read that right, 30%. Enter the code: CHRISTMAS at checkout to get the savings. We might even have some new items added here and there which will also be in on the sale. Keep your eyes out and enjoy the discount!

DIY product bags

DIY product bags, yes. But they came this close to being party favor bags. I was in need of something new to send out my orders in, and these muslin bags were the perfect size, but just a little too plain. So here's what I did...
I got these great fabric markers from Sharpie and I have to say, I am totally impressed. They were super easy to handle and the colors are gorgeous. I went the neon route with the pink, orange and yellow, but next time I think I might try something in the purple variety.

Not pictured is a piece of cardboard that I stuck inside the bag before coloring the dots. I didn't want the backs to get all blotchy from the dots leaking through. Just a little FYI.
Viola! New product bags and I love them.

new to the shop!

I've been working on the new line for the shop and am finally making some progress! These barrettes have been in the making for a while (isn't that the way it always goes?) but I am thrilled with the outcome. I really do love them. Mostly because they are so cute, but also because the actual barrettes have 3 size settings so they work for pretty much any hair type, thin and thick alike! More color combos/patterns coming soon!