How was your weekend? Awesome? So going unplugged on Friday was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. Staying out of the house was a huge help of course. We had a lot of fun! So just to sum up the last several days around here, Elliott's hair was officially out of control - notice the shampoo mohawk. So we took him to this rad barber shop to get his hair cut. I loved how they treated the kids just like the grown ups there. They got a frosty cold soda and a soothing neck massage. He was in heaven. We spent a lot of time with family and unfortunately my computer's hard drive crashed. Such a bummer. There were a few things I didn't have backed up, so it's a little sad. But it is so nice to have a computer that works properly all the time! And to avoid the unreal charges for installing a new hard drive, Preston bought and installed the new hard drive himself. So we are back up and running and trying to catch up from the days that I was computer-less. A serious affliction for a blogger. Coming up this week and next, we have some fun St. Patrick's day crafts and maybe a few non-holiday ones too. So stay tuned for those! Happy Monday!