I'm back from Alt and man was that a great Alt. It was my second year going and it showed. I was much less nervous and much more myself which is always a good thing! I saw old friends and made some great new ones, met some amazing sponsors and partied like it was 1999. I gave out nearly all of my business cards, which was a goal of mine this year. The cards were a hit! I'll be sharing those here soon. Don't worry. One of my favorite parts of Alt this year, besides the vast knowledge that was crammed into my head, were the mini parties. They were thrown mostly by fellow bloggers and man did they blow it out of the water! It was a great couple of days and I am excited to put what I learned to work. I have to admit, even though I live about a mile from where Alt is held, I missed my boys something awful. It's good to be home. Until next year, Alt!

alt party 2.JPG

P.S. Many apologies to my instagram followers. Alt usually equals a flood of my pictures in your feed.